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All Membership Meeting Minutes Sept. 19th, 2019

TCCFT 2196 All Membership Meeting, September 19th, 2019

Item 1:  Approval of Agenda (Dave Howard): Jim Reisdorf made a motion to approve the Agenda and it was seconded by Sherry Cmiel. The Agenda was approved by the Membership. 

Item 2:  Approval of Previous Minutes (Dave Howard): Kim Harrington made a motion to approve the Previous Minutes and it was seconded by Josh Wright. The Previous Minutes were approved by the Membership.

Item 3: AFTWA Powerful Locals – Collective Bargaining & Contract Action Team (John Sandin): John and Jeffrey Engle shared what they learned at this workshop in relation to how to negotiate the contract and improving communication with Administration during contract negotiation. It was also mentioned that establishment of a strong negotiation team is paramount for the success of a good contract. John will send out an email asking for questions or issues the Membership would like to raise concerning contract negotiations. 

Item 4:  AFTWA Powerful Locals – Engaging Members in Building Strong Unions (Jennifer Snoek-Brown): Jennifer reminded the Membership to complete Membership/Recommitment Application if they haven’t and that this form is not required each year. She reviewed Part A of the Membership Survey Form to gather information on “Showing Our Union Pride.” She requested members to contact her to be part of the design team to develop TCCFT Union Pride apparel.

Item 5:  Committee Reports:     

              Legislative (Katrina Taylor): Katrina mentioned the 3% pay raise this school year and that another one is coming next year. And she suggested the Membership look at the AFT Union Spotlight that is mailed to each Member for legislative matters, accomplishments, and ways to get involved.

              Elections (Valerie Morgan-Krick): Valerie acknowledged Jeffrey Engle and Wendy Larsen for their help with election ballots. She mentioned the success of our new voting system “Election Runner.”  The next election will be for President and Secretary and nominations will open 15 days prior to the Oct. 23, 2019 All Membership Meeting. She presented some things that call for vote such as election of officers, ratification of the contract, revision of the constitution, and election of members to College Council, just to name a few. She also mentioned the Membership quorum is 20 people and encouraged Members to attend in higher numbers at subsequent meetings throughout the school year.  

              Membership (Jennifer Snoek-Brown): Jennifer introduced our electronic membership record keeping system “AFT Connect.” She stated we have 129 members including FT & PT with 12 Retirees.  She reviewed Part B of the Membership Survey Form titled “Engaging with Our Union” relating to how members want the Union to communicate with them. She is also recruiting members to serve on this committee.

                By-Laws (Ken Fox):  Ken reminded the Membership about the changes to Article 5 Section 2 of the Constitution concerning the TCCFT Vice President’s duties. He also stated that there will be some revisions on balloting and committee selection for College Council this year.

                Grievance (Michael Mixdorf): No Report. Dave updated the Membership on this committees’ duties and acknowledged Michael Mixdorf and Elizabeth Fortenbery for their work on this committee. He also encouraged Members to get involved in this committee and to seek Union counsel and representation in reference to issues with Administration.

                Corrections (Deanna Cole): No Report. Dave acknowledged Deanna for her work on this committee and stated the committees’ importance at the WCCW.

              Adjunct (Vacant): TCCFT is still seeking Members for this Committee.

              Executive (Dave Howard): Dave thanked Members who served on the Summer Faculty Awards Committee. He presented and explained the draft copy of the Proposed Faculty Awards and Grants Process developed by this committee.

For the good of the order:  Next Meeting Dates: Executive Council: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 at 1:30 pm in Bldg. 13, Rm. 151.

 All Membership Meeting: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 at 2:30 Building 11, Senate Room

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