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EC Minutes June 5th, 2019

TCCFT 2196 Executive Meeting, June 5th, 2019

Members Attending: Dave Howard, Valerie Morgan-Krick, John Sandin, Jennifer Snoek-Brown, Jim Reisdorf, Michael Mixdorf, and Ken Pimpleton

Item 1:  Approval of Agenda (Dave Howard): Jim made a motion to approve the Agenda and it was seconded by Michael. The Agenda was approved.

Item 2:  Approval of Previous Minutes (Dave Howard): Michael made a motion to approve the Previous Minutes with the changes to the elections report and it was seconded by Valerie. The Previous Minutes were approved with the changes.

Item 3: Revision of TCCFT Payroll Deduction Authorization Form (All): The E-Council discussed proposed changes to this document. The Membership Chair will draft the new revision to be presented at the next All Membership Meeting Sept. 19th, 2019.

Item 4:  AFTWA Powerful Locals Training Workshop (Ken P):

Item 5: Committee Reports:      

              Legislative (Katrina Taylor): No Report. Dave reports that the State is working on getting the new budget completed. He is working with the TCC President concerning budget issues.

              Elections (Valerie Morgan-Krick):  Valerie reported that 60 out of 119 people voted on the Article V, Section 2 Constitution amendment. She will be sending out another reminder to encourage the Membership to vote. Valerie has asked Jeffrey Engle and Wendy Larsen to join the Elections Committee to help with election results.

              Membership (Jennifer Snoek-Brown): Jennifer has been working with Jim on the AFTWA website Membership suite used for keeping track on our Membership list. She will be reaching out to more of the TCC Adjunct Faculty and propose a brochure to get information out to adjuncts. Jennifer will also connect with the AFTWA President concerning organizing and membership issues.

                By-Laws (Ken Fox): No Report.

                Grievance (Michael Mixdorf): Michael reports that the ongoing grievance that went to Mediation should be wrapped up by the end of this quarter

                Corrections (Deanna Cole): No Report.

              Adjunct (Vacant): TCCFT is still seeking Members for this Committee.

              Executive (Dave Howard): Dave reports that the Provost/VP hiring activities is ongoing and the Faculty Awards Task Force met and is making progress with two more meetings left.  The Post tenure review Committee is still going on and he thanked Valerie for her work on this committee. The PAU process in being updated. The TCC Retirement party was a success. The VP of Student Affairs position will not be filled at this time and two Deans will fulfill this role in the interim. A full search for this position will begin in the Fall.  

For the good of the order:  John reports that Adjuncts are being ask to add CLO’s to their Syllabus. A discussion was had about Adjuncts completing CLO assessment projects every quarter. The E-Council agreed that is should be addressed at IC.

Next Meeting Dates: Executive Council: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 at 2:30 pm in Bldg. 13, Rm. 151. Professional Development Day All Membership Meeting Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 10am – 11 am. All Membership Meeting: Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 2:30 Building 11, Senate Room

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