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EC Minutes Nov. 13, 2019

TCCFT 2196 Executive Meeting, November 13th, 2019

Members Attending: Dave Howard, Michael Mixdorf, Katrina Taylor, Jennifer Snoek-Brown, Deanna Cole, and Ken Pimpleton

Item 1:  Approval of Agenda (Dave Howard): Michael made a motion to approve the Agenda and it was seconded Katrina. The Agenda was approved.

Item 2:  Approval of Previous Minutes (Dave Howard): Michael made a motion to approve the Previous Minutes and it was seconded by Jennifer. The Previous Minutes were approved.

Item 3: 2019 Tenure Committees (All): The E-Council discussed the Tenure Committee process. All the committees were voted on and approved, but the list came out later than usual.

Item 4:  Contract Negotiations (All): Dave asked for volunteers to serve on the Contract Negotiations Team. The E-Council selected Jeffrey Engle, John Sandin, Josh Wright, Michael Mixdorf, and Dave Howard. Dave will also be searching for an Adjunct Representative on this Team. Jennifer will act as a contract liaison in the areas of OER and messaging to members. Dave will be scheduling an off-site visit with Deanna and other Corrections Faculty to discuss suggestions about the contract negotiations, contract language, work hours etc…

Item 5:  Committee Reports: 

              Legislative (Katrina Taylor): Katrina reported that the Legislative Committee will be meeting Dec. 11th and we will be seeking funding for the Capital Budget Request. 

              Elections (Valerie Morgan-Krick):  No Report.

              Membership (Jennifer Snoek-Brown): Jennifer updated on recruitment, with more faculty joining from Corrections and in response to the Tee Shirt Email reminder. The All Membership Meeting change survey results had 28 responses.  43% say current day/time does not work, 58% says it does not work because of teaching/labs. And some requested the meeting start 1 hour later, at 3:30 pm to include more science faculty. Jennifer will draft a message to address some questions from faculty about what officers do and where our dues go. The E-Council provide will provide feedback and she will send out a follow-up to members. We are moving on the apparel campaign with the Logo Design, and messaging for faculty to sign up for their tees.

            By-Laws (Ken Fox): No Report.

            Grievance (Michael Mixdorf):  Dave and Michael reported on one longstanding grievance that management took action on and TCCFT will be formulating a response. Also a Tenure Probationer will be referred to the Grievance Committee to discuss his tenure process.

            Corrections (Deanna Cole): Deanna brought up concerns about the new Director of Corrections communication style, teaching schedules, and program decisions. 

              Adjunct (Vacant): TCCFT is still seeking Members for this Committee.

              Executive (Dave Howard): No Report.

For the good of the order:

 Next Meeting Dates: Executive Council: Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 2019 at 2:30 pm in Bldg. 13, Rm. 151.

 All Membership Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 2020 at 2:30 Building 11, Senate Room

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