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Executive Council Meeting Minutes Sept. 25th, 2019

TCCFT 2196 Executive Meeting, Sept. 25th, 2019

Members Attending: Dave Howard, John Sandin, Valerie Morgan-Krick, Jim Reisdorf, Jennifer Snoek-Brown, Katrina Taylor, and Ken Pimpleton

Item 1:  Approval of Agenda (Dave Howard): Jennifer made a motion to approve the Agenda and it was  seconded by Valerie.  The Agenda was approved.

Item 2:  Approval of Previous Minutes (Dave Howard): Jennifer made a motion to approve the Previous Minutes and it was seconded by Valerie. The Previous Minutes were approved.  

Item 3: AFT Connect Presentation (Jennifer Snoek-Brown): Jennifer introduced the AFT Connect system and how we can use it to track Membership, get AFTWA News, send out Minutes, elections information, etc...  The link is and the Membership Chair and Treasurer will be the Adminstrators of the system. All TCCFT Officers will be signed on as “Leads.”

Item 4:  2019-2020 Budget (Jim Reisdorf): Jim announced he will be putting together the budget based on last years’ report including any approved changes. He will draft the budget and present it to the E-Council then to the Membership for approval at the next All Membership Meeting.

Item 5:  Committee Reports:     

              Legislative (Katrina Taylor): No Report.

              Elections (Valerie Morgan-Krick): Valerie stated she will be meeting with the Elections Committee Members on the time-line language concerning electronic balloting. She will be using Election Runner for elections this Fall and a 15 day reminder for nominations will be sent via TCC email to the Membership. 

              Membership (Jennifer Snoek-Brown): Jennifer showed data to indicate our Membership prefer email communication from TCCFT. She proposed we can do some Membership engagement through a TCCFT Gmail account. Dave recommended that we open up a new Gmail account in order to start fresh and the E-Council approved.

                By-Laws (Ken Fox): No Report.

                Grievance (Michael Mixdorf):  No Report. Dave reported that we still have one long-standing grievance and Management will be issuing a letter to the Grievant soon.

                Corrections (Deanna Cole): No Report.

              Adjunct (Vacant): TCCFT is still seeking Members for this Committee.

              Executive (Dave Howard): Dave met with the new VP-Provost, the HR Director, and the outgoing VP-Provost to review the IC Co-Chair MOU, forming Tenure Committees with electronic vote, and the decision to cut the PE budget by 40%. He also discussed Stipends and Release time, Faculty Awards, and Post-tenure Committee review. He will also be requesting members for the VP of Student Services search committee.

For the good of the order:

 Next Meeting Dates: Executive Council: Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 2019 at 1:30 pm in Bldg. 13, Rm. 151.

 All Membership Meeting: Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 2019 at 2:30 Building 11, Senate Room

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